Wire and Rig Removal for Triune Films High Fall: A Short Action Scene

Every once in a while a project lands in your lap and you’re so stoked that you want to tell everyone around you… But you can’t. It’s not out yet. So you wait. And wait…

NOW I can finally talk about a project that was a ton of fun and that really challenged me creatively. I had the honor of being able to work on the High Fall action scene for Triune Films / Film Riot. It was equal parts tough as hell and tons of fun. Lots of creative challenges mixed with experiencing first hand what it’s like to work with Director Ryan Connolly.

I haven’t been creatively challenged on wires and rigs like this since back in the day when I worked on Charmed, Ally McBeal, etc. This was some serious wire work and I enjoyed every friggen minute of it. Enough from me, check it all out below. (And if you like my tutorial hit that thumbs up, yo!)

If you haven’t seen High Fall yet, check it out here:

Check out Behind the Scenes of High Fall here:

Check out my High Fall Wire & Rig Removal Tutorial here:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.08.16 PM



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